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Our projects aim at the molecular characterization of how migrating transient neurons function as organizers of cortical development and at testing how manipulating their number and survival affects neural circuits in mouse models. We study how the Dbx1 transcription factor and the acquisition of these transient neurons has contributed to the evolution of the neocortex in mammals by extending their analysis to primates. Ultimately, we aim at studying the relevance of the presence and disappearance of these transient populations to pathology.

We employ a multidisciplinary approach including mouse genetics (cell tracing and ablation, gene knock-out), pharmacological and genetic manipulation during embryogenesis using in vitro and in utero paradigms including electroporation together with transcriptome profiling, mathematical modeling and migration studies at single-cell resolution by timelapse microscopy. Furthermore, in collaboration we also use axonal tracing, electrophysiology, optogenetics and phenotyping using behavioural tests.


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