Complexes macromoléculaires en cellules vivantes>> Activités de recherche et projetsCharacterization of the molecular basis of the effects of 3D versus 2D extracellular matrix on asymetrical cell shape establishment

We are interested by the role that the 3D extracellular environment plays in the process of cell shape symetry breaking. We analyse the dynamics of the cytoskeleton (microtubules and actin) in cells maintained in different environments, 2D or 3D, in gels of different rigidities. The analysed cell types are neuronal cells (ND7 which are prone to give neurite outgrowth), diploid fibroblasts and cancer cells. Polarized transport of ribonucleoproteins and sub cellular Rho-GTPases gradient will be monitored.


3D reconstruction of microtubule network in a round living cell (ND7). Extensions of microtubule bundles from the spherical cell can be shown.

Dernière modification 31 Août 2017

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