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The Institut Jacques-Monod, funded jointly by the CNRS and the University Paris Diderot, is one of the main centers for basic research in biology in the Paris area.
It is headed by Giuseppe Baldacci, professor at the University of Paris Diderot.

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IJM news

  • July 2017: Introns protect eukaryotic genomes from genetic instability

    Within the non-coding fraction of genomes, “introns” are DNA sequences that are transcribed into RNA, then removed, without obvious functions in several situations. By combining genomics and molecular biology in distinct yeast species and in human cells, an international team, leaded by Benoit Palancade at Institut Jacques Monod, has revealed that these sequences counteract the formation of genotoxic DNA-RNA hybrids (or “R-loops”). This study is published in this month issue of Molecular Cell.

  • Monod Diderot Conferences

    The Institut Jacques Monod invites renowned scientists to give seminars of wide biological interest. The next Monod Diderot Conferences will be given by Stanislav Dusko EHRLICH on Monday 10 July, 2017

  • June 2017: Of cats and men : how cats conquered the world

    In an article published on 19 june in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, the “Epigenome and Paleogenome » group of the Jacques Monod Institute has studied the DNA preserved in cat remains from the last 10,000 years originating from Europe, southwest Asia and Africa and reconstructed the history of the interactions between humans and cats during their domestication.

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